Sandy Drab – Milford Ct 8/2019 Lovely staff. My neck and back feel so much better!

Brett C- Milford Ct 8/2019. I love this spa! I have been going there for years and it is the best. Its private and very professional. The staff is great, and I just wish I could go there more often.

Pattya G – Milford Ct 8/2019. “Top notch services”

Susan C – Milford Ct. 8/2019 “My massage therapist was excellent I plan on revisiting”

Joseph K – Milford Ct 8/2019. Sometimes if I need to relax. I will just come here and have a me time. It is really a stress-free place. The staff here is great. very clean environment.

Violet D – Milford Ct 8/2019 “Amazing Spa. Great staff, beautiful service and the procedures are amazing. 5 stars, definitely would recommend.”

Linda B – Milford Ct 8/2019. “Wonderful enjoyable and totally relaxing experience. Staff wonderful and experienced. Can’t wait to go back”